Seals and buckles

NEMO PACK offers a complete line of seals for steel, polypropylene and polyester straps and of buckles for polyester textile straps

Application: Seals can be applied by strapping hand tools or by automatic strapping machines. Please specify the type of strapping tool/machine that you use in order to determine the suitable type of seal


  • For steel strap: Open seals (or snap-on), closed seals (or thread-on), magazine seals, push type (Overlapping) seals, open flange seals
  • For polypropylene strap: punctured seals are used, which guarantee good sealing with all kinds of 13mm, 16mm, 19mm polypropylene straps
  • For polyester strap: embossed inner surface of the seals guarantees good sealing with all kinds of 13mm & 16mm polyester straps
  • For polyester textile bands: highly resistant, reusable “open-type” buckles, made of bent wire and available for all sizes & types of polyester textile bands


Seals for steel, polyester & polypropylene straps: Supplied in bright or galvanized steel. Can be painted. Customer's logo can be punctured or printed

Buckles for polyester textile straps:  Galvanized or phosphated.  For hot melt and composite polyester strapping, galvanized metal buckles are recommended whereas with woven polyester textile strapping phosphated metal buckles should be used due to the fact that the surface of woven strap is quite smooth and the roughened phosphated metal buckles prevent the woven strap from slipping off the buckles.