PET strap

Polyester is the strongest plastic strapping product. It is used for bundling & securing loads in the Metals, Construction, Corrugated, Containers, Printing, Baling, Timber and Glass industries.

PET strap is a viable alternative to steel strapping in several applications due to its following characteristics:

  • Offers significant cost savings vs. steel strap of equivalent breaking strength (lower cost/meter)
  • Offers higher load security during handling & transport due to
  • Excellent impact resistance characteristics
  • Excellent retain tension characteristics that help straps to stay tight and absorb shocks with no breaking or splitting on expanding and shrinking goods
  • Gentle handling of packages:  PET strap does not damage edges of strapped goods, neither scratches the goods
  • Injury risk-free operation vs. steel strap where risk for injuries by sharp edges exists
  • Resistance to all weather conditions and UV rays, making it ideal for goods to be stored outdoors.  It does not corrode & does not present rust stains


The PET Strap can be applied by hand tools (manual, battery, pneumatic) or by automatic machines.  The strap joining can be done either by welding (friction welding, welding tongue, ultrasounds) or with the use of seals

Widths between 9mm – 32mm, thicknesses between 0.5mm – 1.4mm

Embossed or smooth

Green as standard color but any other color available upon request. Printable