Polyester textile band

These straps are manufactured by polyester fibers which are either embedded in a polymer coating (composite straps), or bonded by an adhesive (hot melt straps) or in a woven structure (woven straps). The breaking strength & the elongation properties which are equivalent to steel strap, combined with the advantages listed below allow to this product to replace steel strap in different specific applications in several industries as the Timber, Mining, Construction, Waste packaging, Baling.
  • Polyester textile straps are safer in use than steel strap
  • They are more cost effective
  • They do not damage the strapped goods
  • They present shock absorbance & high retained tension characteristics
  • They are printable
  • They are light-weight & easily portable between strapping stations
  • They are chemical & weather resistant:  Will not rust or rot
  • They are re-usable

Application: Polyester textile straps are tensioned using manual or pneumatic strapping tools.  The fastening can be done with the use of special buckles or by doing a knot (not applicable for composite straps)


  • Composite strap

It is manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarns embedded in a coating of polypropylene. This provides an excellent protection against sharp edges and any kind of influence by the weather. The high stiffness of the strap makes it easier to be put through a pallet compared to hot melt or woven polyester textile strapping

  • Hot Melt & Hot Melt bailing straps

It is the forerunner of this product family. It is made from high tenacity polyester yarns bonded by an adhesive. It is not suitable for strapping goods with sharp edges.

Hot melt baling strap has exactly the same quality but the strap length in each coil is smaller compared to that of the standard hot melt strap and the diameter of the paper core (63mm vs. 76mm for the standard hot melt straps) is also smaller.  This is because most baling machines work with coils of specific width and paper core diameter

  • Woven straps

These straps are manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarns in a woven structure.  Breaking strength per dimension is the same with hot melt straps but woven straps are better protected against sharp edges due to the tight woven yarn structure.

Dimensions: Widths from 9mm-35mm for standard hot melt straps, 7mm-19mm for hot-melt bailing straps, 9mm-40mm for woven straps and 13mm-32mm for composite straps.  Several lengths are available, depending on strap type

Winding: Paper cores with I.D. of 76mm are used for the winding of standard hot-melt straps and woven straps.  Cores with I.D. of 63mm are used for hot-melt bailing straps and cores with I.D. of 200mm for the winding of all composite straps