Printed adhesive tapes

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  • To create brand awareness in the market:  this is an inexpensive way to advertise your brand and products
  • To give to your products an innovative look by using fancy tapes that make your products stand out from the crowd
  • To increase quality perception in the eyes of the customers; Goods packed with printed packaging tapes are considered of better quality
  • To discourage theft since an opened box which is not re-closed with the identical  printed tape can be easily spotted
  • To enable easier stock handling, identification and tracking of packages, reducing risk of loss
  • To provide to the customer an easy way to find your contact details to re-order

NEMO TAPES can print the desired logo with up to 3 colors, on:  Hot-melt, Acrylic & PVC adhesive tapes


BOPP film and synthetic rubber, solvent-free adhesive. These tapes incorporate a fairly recent technology.

Their most important characteristics are:

  • Aggressive adhesive which leads to less application time
  • Easy manual use & reliable machine use: Tension adjustment-free use on carton sealers due to consistent release tension
  • Versatility:  Although it is primarily designed for carton-sealing applications, it is also suitable for other paper or non-paper applications

Taking into consideration the typical weather conditions of the region, NEMO TAPES proposes the use of Hot Melt tapes to cover most carton sealing applications achieving at the same time the best value for money ratio.


BOPP film and water based acrylic adhesive.  These tapes incorporate the most modern adhesive technology.   Their most important characteristics are:

  • Excellent performance on high temperature environments
  • Excellent clarity:  Not yellowish or brownish like Solvent or Hot Melt tapes. It is suitable for read-through applications
  • Bright vivid colors due to excellent adhesive clarity
  • Ideal for long lasting applications:  It is the most ageing-resistant tape
  • UV-resistance properties
  • Easy manual use & reliable machine use: Tension adjustment-free use on carton sealers due to consistent release tension


PVC film and natural rubber solvent-based adhesive.  These tapes are the forerunner of carton sealing tapes and they still constitute one of the most important tape solutions.  Their most important characteristics are:

  • Low elasticity and high break strength tape due to the PVC film used
  • No noise application
  • Suitability for refrigeration use & for use in moisture environments
  • Trouble-free operation when used on rough surfaces or on recycled cartons


Barrier tapes are mainly used to alert people that a particular area is not open for access or to prevent people from exposing themselves to a hazard of some kind. However, they are also used for outdoor events, promotions and a wide range of advertising uses. NEMO TAPES can customize the printed barrier tape to your most different needs of color, height, length and material