Steel strap

Steel is the oldest and highest tensile strength strapping.  It is used for bundling and securing loads in the Metals industry and at a lower extent in the Glass and Timber industries.  It is the only strap that can be used in the cases where heavy or sharp goods are strapped or in the cases where goods are heated after being strapped or still hot when strapped.  In these cases, it cannot be replaced by plastic strapping

Application: The steel strap can be applied either by hand tools (manual or pneumatic) or by automatic machines.   The strap joining can be done by using a metal seal (“seal joint”) or by crimping (“seal-less  joint”)

Types: “Bright” with strength of 640 N/mm2, “Regular duty” strap with strength level of 800 N/mm2 and “High Tensile” strap with strength level exceeding 950 N/mm2

Dimensions: Widths between 9mm-32mm, thicknesses between 0.4mm-1.2mm

Winding: Ribbon and Oscillated winding patterns.  In Ribbon, the strap is winded on itself in one single wind and therefore the width of the coil is exactly the same as the width of the strap.  In Oscillated winding pattern, the strap is winded on a 63.5mm wide core

Surface: Bright & oiled, Blue-annealed & waxed, Black-painted & waxed, Zinc-painted & waxed finishes.  Each different surface finish is associated with different levels of anticorrosion protection