Cartonsealing adhesive tapes

Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes are used for the sealing of carton boxes.  They are engineered to minimize the packaging costs while retaining a secure, high quality sticking

Application: Adhesive tapes can be applied on the carton box manually (with the use of hand tape dispenser) or with the use of semi or fully automatic carton sealing machines



  • BOPP Hot melt: Its aggressive adhesive gives high initial tack properties to this tape, speeds-up application and makes it ideal for use in automatic carton sealers. Ideal for light-duty and suitable for medium-duty carton-sealing applications, for both machine and manual use. It’s a versatile tape which although primarily designed for carton sealing, is also suitable for other paper or non paper applications
  • BOPP Solvent: Suitable for extreme low/high temperatures and high moisture environments and therefore suitable also for refrigeration use.  Presents great flexibility and can work on almost every surface: from rough to ultra-smooth surfaces. It is therefore appropriate also for use on recycled cartons or on surfaces with heavy ink coverage
  • BOPP Acrylic: Presents excellent high temperature performance and UV-resistance properties. It is also ideal for long lasting applications.  Its excellent clarity (not yellowish or brownish like Solvent or Hot Melt tapes) makes it ideal for over-lamination or read-through applications.  It is also the most environmental-friendly tape, thanks to the water based acrylic adhesive
  • PVC Solvent: It is a long-established packaging tape that can cover most applications. On top of the advantages of the BOPP Solvent tapes, this kind of tape also offers very low elasticity combined with high break strength and completely silent unwinding

Dimensions: Widths between 9mm-100mm and lengths of rolls between 25m-1500m

Colors: Transparent & Brown colors as standard. Other colors available upon request

Printing: NEMO TAPES can print the customer’s desired logo with up to 3 colors.